Manuscript Annotations by Thomas Tourneur in Sir Thomas Browne's Pseudodoxia epidemica, 2nd Edition (1650)

Sig. A4v

Marginalia (EN, Mixed, Literature, cross-referential):

The modesty of ye Author See
Supra. 25 in fine pagina.P. 25: for discoursing of matters dubious, and many controvertible truths; we cannot without arrogancy entreat a credulity, or implore any farther assent, then the probability of our reasons, and verity of experiments induce.
See his Introduction to his first booke.P. 1: The first and father cause of common Error, is the common infirmity of humane nature; of whose deceptible condition, although perhaps there should not need any other eviction, then the frequent errors we shall our selves commit, even in the expresse declarement hereof


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